Leather Care Guide for Eternia International Products

Taking good care of your leather items from Eternia International not only maintains their beauty but also extends their lifespan. Whether it’s a jacket, bag, or a cherished dog accessory, here’s how you can care for them:
Leather Care Guide for Fashion Wears
  • Cleaning:

    • Jackets, Coats, Trousers, and Pants: After wearing, air them out to refresh. For surface dirt, gently wipe with a damp cloth. Every few months or when needed, apply a specialized leather cleaner.
    • Gloves: Given their frequent contact, clean more often using a leather cleaner. Turn them inside out to air after each wear.
    • Corset: Due to its close-fitting nature, air after wearing. Use a soft, damp cloth for spot cleaning.
  • Conditioning: Leather can lose moisture, especially in items like trousers or gloves that flex often. Periodically apply a leather conditioner to restore suppleness, ensuring the leather doesn’t crack or fade over time.

  • Protection: Use a leather protector spray to defend against potential stains, especially on items prone to spills or exposure, like jackets and coats. Remember to always test any product on a discreet patch before applying it widely.

  • Storage:

    • Jackets & Coats: Hang on padded hangers to maintain their shape.
    • Gloves: Lay flat or roll; avoid folding.
    • Trousers, Pants, & Corset: Store flat or hang using padded clips. Ensure they’re not crumpled or folded in storage to prevent creases.
  • Drying: If any of your leather fashion wears get wet, avoid the temptation to use a heater. Instead, blot away excess moisture gently and let the item dry naturally, ensuring it retains its shape.

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Leather Care Guide for Bags
  • Cleaning: Empty and gently shake out debris. Wipe with a soft, damp cloth and occasionally apply a specialized leather cleaner for deeper cleansing.

  • Conditioning: Due to frequent use, leather may dry out. Periodically apply a leather conditioner to restore moisture and maintain its soft, radiant appearance.

  • Protection: Shield your bags from potential stains and water damage with a leather protector spray. This is especially key for frequently handled items like wallets and handbags. Test on a discreet spot before full application.

  • Drying: If your bag gets wet, dab off excess water with a soft cloth and let it air dry naturally. Avoid direct heat sources to prevent warping or drying out.

With consistent care, your leather bags will retain their beauty and durability, making every outing a touch more stylish.

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Leather Care Guide for Motorbike Wears
  • Cleaning: After rides, wipe with a damp cloth to remove grime. Periodically, apply a leather-specific cleaner, especially for items frequently in contact with road debris, like jackets, chaps, and knee pads.
  • Conditioning: Regularly apply a leather conditioner to maintain suppleness. This is vital for items that flex often, such as gloves and knee pads. It keeps the leather resistant to the elements and prevents cracks.
  • Protection: Shield your gear against water, oil, and dirt using a leather protector spray. This is especially essential if riding in varied weather conditions.
  • Drying: If items get wet, air dry naturally. Direct heat can warp and damage the leather. This is particularly crucial for gloves and safety jackets that might lose their protective integrity with heat exposure.
  • Storage: Store all pieces in a cool, dry place. Use padded hangers for jackets and suits. Lay gloves, chaps, and knee pads flat or hang straight to avoid creases and retain shape.
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Leather Care Guide for Work Wears
  • Cleaning: After a day's work, shake off loose dirt and dust. For Tool Bags, Pouches, Belts, and Vests, use a soft brush to clean crevices. Wipe with a damp cloth and periodically apply a leather-specific cleaner, focusing on high-contact areas that accumulate more grime.

  • Conditioning: Leather, especially when exposed to outdoor conditions, can dry out. Regularly apply a leather conditioner to keep it soft and durable. This is particularly vital for Gloves which need flexibility for precise tasks.

  • Protection: Shield your items against moisture and potential stains using a leather protector spray. Considering the robust usage of work gear, consider using a waterproofing treatment, especially if you work in wet or unpredictable environments.

  • Drying: If your leather items become damp or wet, let them air dry naturally. Avoid direct heat sources like heaters or direct sunlight which can cause the leather to warp, crack, or fade.

  • Storage: Store items in a dry, cool place. For Tool Bags, Pouches, and Belts, hang them or lay flat to maintain their shape. Gloves should be stored flat, ensuring they retain their form. For Tool Vests, use a padded hanger to prevent stretching or deformation.

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